Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This weeks show is awesome! The guests are the mercurial and multi-talented Kinky Friedman and the extraordinary photographer Harold Feinstein.

I have interviewed Kinky numerous times on my TV show, CONVERSATIONS CAFE shown on the Time Warner Texas Network. He is a tall man, maybe 6'1". He always looks imposing because he sweeps into the studio wearing a black western duster, a black Stetson, black cowboy boots, black jeans and a Hawaiian shirt! I never quite know where an interview is going when I talk to him. He's so intelligent, quick and well-read, he never fails to surprise and amuse me.

If any of you have ever read any of his detective books, the language and "physical" references may have put you off. These books are clearly written for guys! And yet throughout his books, there ares these beautiful passages that always make me stop and catch my breath. He's poetic, even in the midst of bathroom humor!

The current book, KINKY'S CELEBRITY PET FILES, is entertaining and fun to read. The interview on INSIDE THE WRITER'S CAFE was done before he decided to run for Agriculture instead of Governor, so you'll hear plenty of political references in it. The book is one of those books that makes you think, "I didn't know that!" or say out loud to someone else, "Did you know...?" His choice of "celebrities" to be included in the book will be a bit of a surprise.

The Harold Feinstein interview about the incredible 100 BUTTERFLIES book is a a glimpse inside the famous photographer's head. I love how reverent he is about the butterflies he photographed. I got the sense that whatever or whoever Harold Feinstein photographs, he has an ability to look inside his subject, see things "mere mortals" like the rest of us don't see.

If you want to hear the interview, here's the link to my host page at Let me know what you think.

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